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Anson Park Christmas Pageant

January 18, 2013

Our Christmas celebration started out with a homegrown Charlie Brown Parade. We decorated the van with a hand painted sign compliments of our after school program kids. About 30 of us gathered together as “paraders,” short and tall. I drove the van up and down every cove of the apartment complex while playing festive Charlie Brown music over the speakers. The “paraders” went door to door as we migrated through the complex and encouraged residents to join the fun and reminded them of the celebrations to follow. It was likely reminiscent of an old school town crier multiplied by 30! We proceeded to parade down the street all the way to North Park Baptist church where the remaining festivities were to be held. Once we arrived at the church our after school program kids went “backstage” to prep for the big show: “A Charlie Brown Christmas Pageant”. It was beautiful in the most imperfect way. Not all of our performers were able to make it due to illness so a few kids stepped in to fill their spots without a minute of practice. The kids put on a show in makeshift costumes and homemade props. We passed around a single script between kids that were unable to remember or had never laid eyes on their lines before. The crowd was patient as the kids flipped through pages of the script to find their lines and in some cases arbitrarily shouted them out. The kids finished with a bang, all singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” with a spotlight on one of our teens that accompanied them with the piano. By the time the pageant was complete, the kid’s faces were glowing in pride; and, our audience was cheering them on. There were definitely warm fuzzies in the air. Pastor Louis followed their performance with a fun, yet sincere sermon titled Charlie Brown meets Jesus. We fed the masses a full meal consisting of lasagna, salad, bread and a sweet cup of tea. We fed so many people we ran out of food! After bellies were full, we continued the celebration with face painting and a visit from good ol’ St. Nick. All the kids had a chance to sit and chat with Santa about their Christmas wishes. Santa was struck by one Christmas wish from a little girl who asked for nothing other than a pair of shoes. Santa was so moved by the request he took it upon himself to make sure she had a pair of new shoes in time for Christmas. - Submitted by Ashley Kee, Anson Park Community Coordinator

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