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Random Acts of Kindness

August 16, 2013

As part of the “Ready For Work” program, the students at Anson Park Community were charged with thinking of random acts of kindness they could perform as part of the life skills portion of class. They came up with some great ideas, but we were limited to our resources, so they wanted to explore more options using the internet at the...   Read more »

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Summer Program

June 19, 2013

School is out and Summer has arrived! NewLife offers an outstanding, fun-filled Summer program to the children in our communities. Summer 2013 will be packed with activities including Digital Destination, Vacation Bible School, field trips, water fun and many more activities. Our community coordinators work hard to provide not only a fun, exciting...   Read more »

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Mother's Day Celebrations

May 17, 2013

Our communities across the state celebrated Mother's Day several different ways. The men at Stone Hearst Seniors prepared and served breakfast for the senior Mothers and took breakfast to the mothers who are home-bound. Children from the Stone Hearst Afterschool Program made cards and corsages for their mothers. They served the mothers dinner of chicken spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread which...   Read more »

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Mother’s Day Spa Party at Anson Park Community

May 17, 2013

The Mother’s Day Spa Party was a great success! We had several stations set up around the room: yogurt-cucumber facials, manicures, back massages, foot soak/rub and satin hands treatment. All of our stations were created with simple do-it-yourself recipes which made this night financially possible. We had a teen or dad volunteer at each...   Read more »

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Words Hurt As Much As Punches

May 3, 2013

Bullying seems to be a topic that keeps reoccurring in the news. As part of the Afterschool Programs at NewLife, children work on social skills and appropriate behavior. In our Snyder community, the children discussed being polite to one another, not talking over others, and how words can hurt just as much as punching. In other communities, the children learn lessons that games need to be...   Read more »

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Earth Day, April 22

April 26, 2013

Our NewLife Communities celebrated Earth Day across the state with various events. The children in the after school program at Riverwalk Community enjoyed planting a red-tip futunia bush by the pool for Earth Day. At the Anson Park Community, 57 people attended the event. “We started the event with an outdoor activity in the shade. This craft was geared toward the kids and we had a few...   Read more »

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Teens United College Campus Tour

April 5, 2013

Ten teenage residents of Anson Park Community spent their Spring Break on a 6 day, 5 night trip touring five college campuses in three states on a chartered bus. These included Texas Tech University, the University of New Mexico, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and the University of Northern...   Read more »

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Celebrate Easter with NewLife

April 3, 2013

Easter celebrations in our communities across the state were a huge success. The Red Oak community had 100 people in attendance, both residents an non-residents. Charles H. Commandery 41 donated all of the hotdogs and Easter eggs for the event. The ladies from First Baptist Church in Stephenville conducted a Bible study and made goodie bags for...   Read more »

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebrations

March 4, 2013

At the Anson Park Community, 53 people attended where they were asked to write down their dreams, listen to Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, and read “Did You Know?” signs and quotes posted around the community center. “Another notable moment was when a group of boys, usually too cool for anything, was huddling around the computer speakers to hear the 'I...   Read more »

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Spiritual Outreach At NewLife

February 8, 2013

Across the state, our communities strive to bring Christ into the lives of our residents. Many local churches are involved in our efforts. Our Tejas Kids Opportunities after school program includes Bible studies and Praise & Worship activities. There are also regular adult Bible study programs and spiritual outreach events. Calvary...   Read more »

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