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Christmas at NewLife Communities

December 27, 2012

The parties across the state were a huge success.  Each child received presents donated by Toys For Tots and other organizations. 

The Villages of Huntsville celebrated by having a Christmas dinner hosted by Calvary Baptist Church and “Presents in the Park” hosted by Family Faith Church.  Calvary Baptist Church provided food, paper supplies, and wrapping paper.  Family Faith Church gave the children breakfast and a gift.  They also sang Christmas songs for the event with a guitar accompaniment.  Toys For Tots donated 440 gifts, some of which went to children at Stone Hearst and the Villages as Snyder.  Volunteers wrapped the gifts.  The Villages of Huntsville was able to supply 67 children with Two Christmas gifts a piece. They also supplied 15 individual families with gifts to go under their own tree, for their children.

At the Senior Villages of Huntsville, Calvary Baptist Church helped serve dinner and brought 2 hams, cookies, cake, veggies, bread,  plates, cups and silverware.  The preacher from the church blessed the meal. We all ate and conversed. The Church and residents helped up clean up.

Anson Park Seniors celebrated with a potluck dinner, live music, and a white elephant gift exchange.  Upon arrival, the residents took pictures with Santa.  The celebration included a discussion on “The Reason for this Season – Christ our Savior was born”.  Kathleen Hewes, the community coordinator said, “We had great participation and good meaningful conversations about Christ.”   All residents received a gift bag from Santa that included toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, hot chocolate mixes, popcorn and a few other items.  On another occasion, employees from Generations Home Health brought their families to sing Christmas carols to the residents.

The children at Anson Park’s after school program performed “Charlie Brown Christmas Pageant” for the community. The festivities began with a parade through the apartment complex, playing Christmas music and reminding the residents of the Christmas Party.  The parade ended at the church with the pageant and a sermon by Pastor Louis Johnson.

Christmas at the Hamptons included presents for the children, a Polar Express Party, and a Christmas Lock-In.  Presents were distributed by the Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops.  Forty-seven children attended and received two presents each.  The Polar Express Party followed, with 28 in attendance who came in their pajamas and brought a blanket and pillow.  Seventeen residents participated in the Christmas Lock-In.  The children played games at different stations, including the “Just Dance” video game.  Everyone ate spaghetti for dinner,had pancakes for breakfast, and made fudge halfway through the night.  “We had a super group of kids and had a great time,” said Lindie Willey, community coordinator.

The Riverwalk community had two Christmas Parties. One was a Children’s Christmas Party. The ladies from First Baptist Church hosted this party for our children. They provided games, prizes and homemade stockings filled with goodies for each child. Also included was the reading of a Christmas Story & singing Christmas Carols. The other party was Christmas Dinner for all residents.  Riverwalk provided the meat and residents brought side dishes. It came together very well and made a great meal. Residents were able to visit and get to know each other. It was a great family night event for our community.

The Christmas party at Red Oak started off with a prayer of thanks, and remembrance of why we were celebrating this holiday, Jesus Christ.  The festivities included a Christmas Carol sing-off. Out of eight contestants, the three judges chose Sherece Scott as the winner; and, Ms. Nelly Jackson came in second.  “I was glad we did this competition as it was the reason why many of our residents attended,” said Pierrine Spitaleri, community coordinator.  “The participants brought their families for support and it was a great family event for the community!”

The Stone Hearst community celebrated with a Christmas Dinner, followed by a Christmas Program the next day.  The Christmas Dinner included a visit by “Branta”, Stone Hearst’s version of Santa, music from Kenny G.’s Holiday CD, and a surprise performance of Martin Elementary’s Christmas program by 3 residents.  The Christmas Program was a combination of songs, stories, and dance.  As a finale, the children lined up to receive Christmas gifts and take a group picture.

The residents of Stone Hearst Seniors enjoyed a week of festivities.  Their community dinner included music, dancing, and dinner, followed by photographs and a gift exchange.  They also joined the Stone Hearst family community for their Christmas Dinner and Christmas Program.

- Submitted by the NewLife Community Coordinators

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