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Stone Hearst Christmas

January 25, 2013

For the Community Christmas Dinner, residents arrived to the sound of jazz musician, Kenny G’s Holiday CD.  They were seated and offered trail mix, crackers and cheese.  As they mingled with one another, they were interrupted by the sound of bells.  I rushed to front door to see what was going on.  Low and behold, it was St. Nicholas arriving in his/her car/sleigh!  Santa was welcomed by most of the children with “oohs and awwws”!  Shortly thereafter, one child at heart (Ms. Mecheal) ran to embrace Santa and several children followed!  Well, all but two children.  One little sweet 5 year old was not convinced that she should give Santa a hug.  She was terrified! I must say I do understand.  Our “Branta” did not appear to be the original Santa that holds the children for photos at the local mall.  The other little darling ran around asking everyone if they had seen Miss Breah most of the evening.  Once she realized Miss Breah was not going to make it to see Santa, she too embraced old St. Nick!  The funniest thing happened when I grabbed the microphone and made the announcement for the kids to line up to ask Santa for particulars and to take photos.  Branta asked me to answer the infamous question before any child was to come forward, “Have these kids at Stone Hearst been Naughty or Nice?”  Immediate silence hit the airwaves!  Everyone was awaiting my answer…”Santa, if it’s nice kids you’re looking for, you are at the right place!”  All I could hear were sighs throughout the room!  While kids and adults were having photos taken, our non- traditional Christmas meal was being served.  The residents and guests enjoyed casserole filled with beef, spices, onions, peppers, picante sauce and various cheeses, dressed with tossed salad, green beans and rolls.  Afterwards, they enjoyed chocolate chip and pecan cake, cookies, turtle candy and iced tea to wash it down.  We had a surprise performance by some of our tiny residents who all attend Martin Elementary.  They had their Christmas program at school and asked if we’d allow them to entertain us with their performance.  The three of them (two 6 year old boys and one 5 year old girl) stood before the crowd and got to work! They were terrific!  They received a standing ovation by all guests.  Before concluding, residents were reminded to return tomorrow, December 21st at 5 PM for the best Christmas program in Beaumont, Texas

The Community Christmas Program opened with Miss Breah thanking everyone for coming out to witness the hard work of the Stone Hearst Shining STARS.  Jaylon S. came forward with a powerful opening prayer.  Cecil M. came afterwards and welcomed the guests.  The STARS quietly came out in a single line with hands behind their backs and stood in their assigned spots.  Cecil stood before the STARS and announced the song (Deck the Halls) which had a new verse written by volunteer James Jimmons, who continued with his one-of-a-kind director skills! The crowd shared how much they enjoyed the song by the loud applause.  As the STARS quietly exited the room, 5 year old, Ziah G. and her stuffed lamb remained behind to render a praise dance to the song, “Behold the Lamb of God.”  Afterwards, Miss Breah and Ms. Mecheal read The Meaning of Christmas.  The STARS returned, some with reindeer ears and stood in the spot.  After Logan and Jaylon announced Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Blitzen, Commit and Cupid and Donner and Vixen…that famous reindeer named (5 year old Dalton) Rudolph entered the room with his nose so red and his reindeer ears, and stole the show!  He gave his award winning wave with his dancing eyes and handed out candy canes and cards to our guests.  He even gave the ladies a hug!  One senior asked him if he’d marry her great granddaughter!  Next, Logan M. performed a praise dance to “Take Me to the King” by Tamela Mann.  This song can be a tear jerker for some (like me).  After her performance, the kids performed 12 Days of Christmas with hand motions.  Because some were still unsure of the days, I sat behind them to speak out the next gift given by the true love.  We made it through the 12 days; and, next a basic skit was performed, “A Night in Bethlehem” concerning the birth of the Savior. Unfortunately, everyone did not learn their lines so Miss Breah and I narrated the skit and the kids simply acted out what we were saying.  It still turned out rather well.  Lastly, the STARS thanked the guests for coming out and concluded with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!”  Breah gave last remarks and announced all the participants to come out and take a bow as their name was called.  Afterwards, the kids were instructed to line up down the hall to receive a Christmas gift.  Each child was handed a ticket to be given to volunteer before receiving their gift.  All students were asked to return to the Christmas tree once they receive their gift for a group picture.  Afterwards, all participants and guest were encouraged to mingle and enjoy the refreshments before going home.  The evening was a success!  –Submitted by Mecheal Faulk, Stone Hearst Community Coordinator

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