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National Night Out Eve

November 27, 2012

‘Twas the night before National Night Out and all through the community
Not a human could escape the praise and worship opportunity!
The chairs were set up with bodies all seated,
As Borden Chapel’s choir sang “The Devil is Defeated!”  
Next, it was time for us to hear the Good News
And how we as believers can give satan the blues! 
We must read and study to show ourselves approved
And demonstrate to the enemy that we shall NOT be moved. 
Pastor Reynolds’ sermon came from Romans 8:33-39. 
He then entitled it, “Victory is Mine.” 
He reminded us to not fret through life day to day as we go.
For satan the enemy knows he is a defeated foe! 
As he concluded he called each one to the altar for prayer,
And told us to give our burdens to the Lord, for our souls he does care.  
                                             - Mecheal Faulk 
                                               Stone Hearst Community Coordinator

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