Meet our Team

Cliff Snyder

Cliff Snyder

Chief Financial Officer

Cliff Snyder brings a strong operational and finance background from 24 years as Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Metro Fuel, Inc. and 20 affiliates. In that capacity, he was instrumental in transforming a small family business with annual sales of less than $5 million to a corporation with over $75 million in sales.

Ezequiel Pecina

Ezequiel Pecina

Chairman of Board Members

Ezequiel Pecina has been an ordained minister with the General Council of the Assemblies of God for the past 19 years. He has been in full-time ministry for 27 years and has served as Senior Pastor at New Life Temple in Abilene, TX for the last 16 years; served as an Executive Presbyter in the Gulf Latin AExit Visual Buildermerican District Council for 2 years & as Secretary Treasurer for the Gulf Latin American District Youth Department for 4 years; He is Founder and CEO of New Life Christian Media which includes the radio station and television station they owned.
Ronni Hodges

Ronni Hodges

Board Member

After an active career as a realtor, builder and developer, Ronni Hodges found the needs of many families were more than just a home. With a group of interested friends she established NewLife Housing Foundation with a vision of working with families and promoting relationships that benefit far beyond a shelter. Affordable housing communities have been her focus as she shared this vision with others who want to help those who have been less fortunate in life.
R.J. Collins

R.J. Collins

Chairman of Board

RJ has over 45 years of experience developing single and multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the country. He is a licensed real estate Broker in Texas and Florida. RJ has led the development of over 1,000 tax credit units in Texas and Illinois. Mr. Collins is a past president of the National Association of Realtors and has chaired the Building Committee of the Florida Board of Realtors, supervising the construction of its headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Our Community Coordinators

Savannah Nicol

Anson Park I & II

Savannah Nicol(temp.)

Anson Park Seniors

Brandi Bustamante-Alejo

El Campo Village

Lupita Garza

Gran Cielo Residences

Angelica Calzada


Susan Hall

Huntsville & Huntsville Seniors

Amanda Garcia

Maeghan Pointe

Laurie Temple

Mill Town Seniors

Liz Ramirez

The Post Oak

Jina Jones

Red Oak Apartments

Rebecca Noyola

Riverside Village

Mary Castorena



Silver Spur Apartments

Brenda Rodriquez

Villages at Snyder


Stone Hearst & Stone Hearst Srs.

Stephanie Salazar

Twin Oaks Apartments