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Spiritual Outreach At NewLife

February 8, 2013

Across the state, our communities strive to bring Christ into the lives of our residents.  Many local churches are involved in our efforts.  Our Tejas Kids Opportunities after school program includes Bible studies and Praise & Worship activities.  There are also regular adult Bible study programs and spiritual outreach events. 


Calvary Baptist Church has taken the Villages of Huntsville Family & Senior communities under its wings.  They host a monthly block party, honor residents with birthday cards and cupcakes, and sponsor BINGO Night by providing prizes and snacks.  Their youth group offers tutoring for the children.  University Baptist Church in Huntsville conducts the Children’s Bible Study for our TKO program.  A visually impaired resident from the senior community teaches the Bible Study for the 9-12 year group.  “They are so fascinated by her. She does cry each day when the children pray,” said Misty Rankin, community coordinator.  “What a blessing…”


Our Stone Hearst Family & Senior communities in Beaumont are inundated with spiritual activities.  National Night Out included Christian music and a service the night before, compliments of Pastor Airon Reynolds and members of his congregation from Borden Baptist Church.  They also have regular adult Bible studies presented by Emmanuel Baptist Church and Holy Bible Faith Center.  I Am Second (God Is First) is a series conducted by Ebenezer Baptist Church. 


The Kid’s Praise and Worship portion of the TKO program is popular with the children at Red Oak in Waco.  On a day the children had an early release from school, the after school program started several hours early with the Praise and Worship.  “As the afternoon wound down, upon their request we once again had another round of kid’s praise & worship, this time Christmas songs,”  said Pierrine Spitaleri, community coordinator.


At Tuscany Court Townhomes in Hondo, the Bible studies hosted by Madison Hill Baptist Church and First Mexican Baptist Church are combined with making quilts for children in CPS custody. 


Weekly Bible studies for our TKO program at Riverwalk in Stephenville are conducted by First Baptist Church and Tarleton State University students. 


Anson Park Seniors has a Christian Outreach program called Women of Worth (WOW) that encourages women to allow God to be in control of all aspects of their lives.  Each month, a different female speaker shares ways in which God has touched her life and the positive changes that result.  Speakers have included a single mom, a lady who creates paintings inspired by God, and a woman from Africa who discussed the freedoms that American women have that African women don’t have.

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