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Trip To the Zoo

August 10, 2012

Members of the Stone Hearst Community took a field trip to the Houston Zoo in Hermann Park last week.  The trip included residents of all ages, from children to seniors.  Upon arriving and walking what seemed like 20 miles from the parking lot to the entrance, they separated into groups and took off to see as much of the zoo as possible.  In addition to visiting the animals, some rode the paddle boats, some the train, some watched the dinosaur show.  Most really enjoyed petting the animals in the Children’s Zoo.  It wasn’t surprising that one of the group (a senior) decided it was simply too hot for a human being outdoors – who could imagine that in Texas in the summer!  She sat in the cool Conservatory and met her a beau!  We all thought something might be up as she wore pearls with her outfit to the zoo! It was great fun for all.

We do have one especially funny story….
A 6 year old resident tickled the crowd.  We were standing by a parakeet and he knew they were known for “mocking” others.  We tried repeatedly to instill in his mind that the bird was called a “parakeet”. However he refused and continued to call it a MOCKINGbird!  Too funny!  I don’t think we could pay him to change his mind.  It is a “MOCKINGBIRD” as it mocks others!  Wow!  Thanks, Mecheal for contributing this article.  Please visit our photo gallery to see pictures of the event. 

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